A Few Samples of My Work

Below are a number of samples of copy I’ve written for clients as well as my own projects. You’ll find a mix of extracts and full pieces in a variety of market niches.

This is just a start and I’ll continue to add interesting pieces to this online portfolio of my work.

Click on any of the Thumbnail images or the link to see whichever pieces catch your fancy.

Technology Related Projects
Application Development Sales LetterThis letter was aimed at encouraging advertising agencies to add application development services to their offerings.
Data Backup / Continuity Planning Sales LetterThis letter points out the urgency of ensuring crucial business data
is always available - and the risks if it's not.
"Pay as you go" IT Support Services Sales letterLetter asking prospects to "Give us a Try" - risk free, with no commitment
Virtual Chief Information Officer ServicesSmaller companies often cannot afford to hire a Senior IT Manager. This letter addressed this need.
Warning of potential risks of running the Windows XPWhen Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP (an older Operating System) they created a problem for users and an opportunity for IT Services companies.
Risks of running Windows Server 2003 after expiration dateTwice within a year Microsoft abandoned support for older products. This time it was Windows 2003 Server that would cause problems
Sales Sheet / Brochure for activeAlert SERVICESales sheet / one-pager to promote the activeAlert Notification Service
Sales Sheet / Brochure for activeAlert SOFTWARESales Sheet / One-pager to promote the activeAlert SOFTWARE for installation on the client's network
Click the image to play videoLead Generation/Trafic Magnet - Click here to play the videoThis video (1 of 10) was part of a complete lead generation system.

Each video answered a specific question related to "Sun Server Repair" and invited viewers to get more free videos (after sign up).
Finance Related Projects
Bank to Bank offer to sell proprietary investment productsSociete General, a French Bank doing business in New York wanted to reach out to other financial institutions to sell a proprietary savings product they had developed.
Regulatory Compliance Services for Community BanksFinancial institutions are required to meet specific regulatory compliance standards. This can be burdensome for smaller banks, which these outsourced service can alleviate.
Personal Development / Self Help
The Magic of Groundhog Day (Nightingale Conant)Nightingale Conant is the leader in producing personal development and self-help audio programs.

This program was based on a book entitled "The Magic of Groundhog Day", and was based on the movie Groundhog Day
Landing Page for new site developed by Nightingale ConantDeveloped landing page copy and specific "lead magnet" content to attract interested individuals (leads).
Marketing Related Projects
Lead generation piece for Information Marketing CompanyLead generation piece that was sent to a highly targeted list for this Information Marketing company focused on helping HVAC and electrical contractors
"Whole House Comfort" sales letter for contractorsThis letter was part of a subscription service - with quarterly letter updates - for contractors to market their own business.

The letter would have been customized for the individual contractor for mailings
Cards2Clients Marketing ProgramMy client wanted to go after a very specific niche in selling his Marketing with Greeting Cards subscription services.
New Business "Whacky" Postcard SeriesMy Ad Agency client was looking for a different way to attract new business.

I can up with thjis series of someone off the wall postcards aimed at basic lead generation websites for business just starting out.
Reports, Business Plans, Presentations and Press Releases
Patient Access Solutions Overview ReportTo build credibility for this smaller public company I created the look of a research report from a well-established research firm.
Pricefish, comparison Shopping Search Engine Business PlanWrote a complete business plan that was used to raise capital for this startup online business
Pricefish Press Release announcing innovative new featurePricefish issued many press releases to gain attention for their services.

This item announced a very innovative new feature - audio - to product listings.
Powerpoint Presentation for Real-time Alert ServiceactiveAlert was a real-time notification product marketed for Business Continuity Planning Purposes to instantly notify individual of activities which impacted them.
Charity and Not-for-Profit Projects
Charity Request Letter to Club MembershipEach year - all year long - this car club collects money for a designated charity. At their annual holiday party they raise additional funds - all to benefit s worthwhile local charity.
Radio Spots
60 Sec Radio Spot for Nassau Community College:60 spot for Nassau Community College's Open House
30 Sec Radio Spot for Nassau Community College:30 radio spot for Nassau Community College aimed at parents of potential students
Broadcast TV Spots
30 Second Broadcast TV Spot for Nassau Community College (MP4):30 Broadcast TV Spot for Nassau Community College