How to shake the cobwebs out of your brain

by Mark Dresner

All winter my “summer” car – a Porsche 911 Twin Turbo – hibernates safely in my garage…

… Sleeping peacefully until Spring arrives.

THEN … when the first warm day DOES finally arrive, I impulsively dash to the garage to get her on the road.

Problem is after 4 months of sitting the car needs more than just a turn of the key to get going. It needs a bit of a spring tune up to get ready to roar.

Funny thing is I’m exactly the same way …

After Winter fades away into Spring I need a tune-up to get my brain running again on all cylinders.

So every year I give myself a “vaccination” to protect myself from sleepy brain syndrome (SBS).

Ever experience SBS? I thought so…

Sleepy Brain occurs when your brain goes into partial hibernation from December through March. I think it’s an unavoidable built-in reflex.

When December comes … snap … an internal “off’ switch flips in your head. It sends your brain into neutral … kind of running … but not getting anywhere very fast.

But then Spring returns!

Here what I do to combat this productivity and success buster.
EVERY year I give myself a tune up by Reviewing 3 powerful audio programs.

Each of these programs is a timeless classic that instantly get my mind back on track. I just pop them in the car CD player or download them to my iPod.
And even though I go through these programs once a year I NEVER tire of them.

Why? Simple. Because they work!

They give me a well-needed jump start after the winter. And they set me up for maximum performance for the rest of the year.

As you can tell, I’m very high on these 3 timeless, powerful and totally effective audio programs.

Click below to check out the programs I use to tune up my brain from its winter sleep and to vaccinate myself from “Sleep Brain Syndrome”.

Do it now – before you nod off!

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