At last You Can Hire a Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

with Over $151.7 Million of REAL in the trenches Selling Experience!

Salesmanship with words. That’s what copywriting is all about.

Whether those words are in print, the Web or in a YouTube video really makes no difference.

So what DOES matter?

The most important word in the description above is “salesmanship”. Sales copy that can’t or doesn’t sell is just a jumble of useless words. Right?

Same thing with Marketing. The #1 goal of marketing is to bring attention, desire and credibility to your product, service or company.

And the end result is to attract customers and ultimately drive more business.

Anything less is just a waste of time, resources and dollars.

Breakthrough Marketing + Powerful Copy = Lotsa’ Sales

Combine inventive and innovative marketing ideas with powerful and compelling sales copy and you’ve got a magic formula for driving sales.

Like these happy clients ….

  • Specialty Manufacturer: boosted sales revenues by 87% and helped win far-reaching Government supply contract. Plus they now “own” search keywords associated with their product category in organic (free) listings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • Regional Technology Services Company: grew revenues by 37% to $82M in a single year.
  • New York City-based Media Company: expanded advertiser base to include national online and multi-channel retailers and increased traffic to website by over 800% in eighteen months.
  • Tech Company Lead-Generation pulls in warm prospects, builds credibility and totally dominates Google search results pages

It’s STILL about selling!

Got a project that needs a little extra OOMPH? Give me a buzz.