Twitter Me This…

by Mark Dresner

Several months ago I signed up for Twitter and tweeted my first tweet.

And it was fun … a little addictive … and even somewhat exciting … as new folks started to “follow” me almost instantly.

However I never really saw much REAL value to Twitter.

Until Tuesday of last week, that is. That’s when my opinion of Twitter forever changed.

Here’s what happened.

On Tuesday afternoon I received an email request from a fellow Tweeter. He asked if I’d join his expert panel of copywriters for a Twitter group chat he was sponsoring that night.

He explained he ran these chat sessions weekly for a dedicated group of his followers.

Sounds like fun … so it’s a go!

At 8PM I connect to the Chat using a very cool web application called This gives me three windows into the “conference”: my personal window, the organizer’s window and the attendees’ window.

Once the Chat begins questions start flying in fast and furiously. And my fingers seemingly never stop moving for an instant.

The energy is amazing as each question spawns comments and new questions between everyone in the Chat. Plus, the spontaneity and quick interactions make me feel like I’m part of a “live” discussion group.

On goes the light bulb!

It was at that moment I saw the power of Twitter … to bring people together … and allow multiple instant interactions among people around the world. To share ideas … to ask questions … or just shoot the breeze about things we may have in common.

Totally amazing. And infinitely valuable too.

One more thing.

There’s another benefit to my participation in the expert group of copywriters. By the end of the night I had a least 40+ new tweeters following ME!

Next step I think is to organize a Twitter Group Chat of my own.

Wanna join us?

Start following me on twitter: to find out when the big Tweet-o-rama will take place.

The take away

If you haven’t tried Twitter – or other social networking platforms – I recommend you give it a whirl. Once I “engaged” with Twitter … and had an opportunity to see it in a new light … my perception of its value instantly changed.

It’s important to be open-minded and always asking yourself the question, “how can I use this to the greatest benefit.”

Keep asking this question … and answers will appear. I promise.


Many thanks to John Sternal. He opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities of Twitter – by inviting me as an expert panel member on his Small Business Chat on copywriting (@SMBIZ).

I encourage you to check him out at

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