Where to find your best prospects for new sales

by Mark Dresner

I think you’d agree that all businesses want more sales (if they hope to STAY in business)?

Because the more sales you make … the more money you earn. Simple math, right?

Yet many companies ignore some of the most responsive sources of new sales. (Even though two of these sources sit right under their nose).

And these two sources generally:


  • Buy more than normal prospects (which reduces the overall cost of sales)
  • Are reachable at lower costs than normal prospects (which extends your marketing budget)
  • Require much less “selling” than normal prospects. (because your credibility has already been established)

Okay, enough teasing.

I’m sure you’re aching to know … where DO you fish …

When you’re looking to hook more customers
with less bait and without leaving the comfort of your swivel chair

There are countless ways to attract prospects that you hope will turn into customers.

And I won’t go into any of them here today.

Instead I’d like to point out the two most productive sources of new business for you to tap. And the good news is BOTH these “wells of new business” should be instantly available for you to use.

(Drum roll please)…

They are: Current customers and “Ex” customers.

Does it surprise you that

Lost (or past) customers may be
your best source of New sales

Think about it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Just because a customer leaves doesn’t mean you have to write them off for good. In fact, the reason they left could be something very fixable …


  • Perhaps you didn’t stay in touch enough, or …
  • Maybe you didn’t have anything new to sell them (after they bought the first time), or …
  • What if a salesperson or customer service rep was rude, unresponsive or non-existent! (Yes it COULD happen in your business!)

But gone for now does NOT mean gone forever. And you have a high probability of reclaiming a customer by just reengaging with them.

Of course you’ve gotta have a good (and valuable) REASON to contact your “ex”. Otherwise nothing will come of it.

But let me suggest you

Give it a try and see for yourself whether …

Some of your best new customers are … your previously lost (or forgotten) customers.

One more thing.

Now that you know this incredible source of new customers … make sure you ALWAYS think of ex-customers as future new customers.

Doing so may cause you to do a complete turn-about in how you treat people when they cancel your service, return a product … or even lodge a complaint.

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