WARNING: Accept this invitation and your competitors will silently wonder …

“How the heck is THAT thorn in our side
Closing So Much NEW Cloud, Backup, Security and other Monthly Recurring Revenue Services PLUS Huge Projects … while we’re forced to slash margins to the bone to win every single deal?


Discover Why … having the best products and services … most Industry certifications … or the smartest, most qualified technical resources … often don’t matter one little bit when competing against other MSP’s and VAR’s.

Dear Reseller Friend,

Yes, that IS a bag of real shredded United States currency I’ve included with this letter.Shredded-Money2
 (Hundred dollar bills I believe). Why am I sending you this totally “spent” money?

There are two reasons:

1) What I have to reveal to you in this letter is incredibly important to your personal success and
that of your company. So I wanted at least a possibility of getting your attention.

2) This bag of now worthless money is symbolic of how some Managed Service Providers and
Resellers may unknowingly permit sales – that SHOULD be theirs – to slip right through their
and into the waiting hands of less capable competitors.

(Perhaps you can relate to this … even just a little bit?)

More on this in just a minute.

I think you’ll agree building a steady stream of new qualified customer leads – that actually convert to sales – is the foundation of how marketers and even senior managers are ultimately measured. Each new qualified lead you bring in is literally money in the bank.

But that’s only a part of the challenge. You may also be faced with …

The Reseller’s Selling Dilemma

If you’re like many MSP’s and VAR’s I work with you’re already doing all the traditional sales stuff: cold-calling, emailing, webinars and maybe even pounding the pavement. You’re firmly convinced selling is just a numbers game. (It’s not.)

Yet results still fall well below both your own expectations and targeted goals. And day after day you ask yourself this same question … “What’s preventing my sales team from being more successful selling our monthly recurring revenue services?”

Or maybe you even wonder …

“Why are competitors kicking our butts when our solutions are MUCH better than theirs?” These internal conversations may go on … and cover any number of other “Why’s, How’s and What’s”.

Now if what I’ve suggested is even close to being on target your next question may be …

So what’s an MSP or VAR to DO about all this?

Glad you asked.

I’ve spent the past fourteen years evaluating things that actually make a difference in complex sales, especially for IT Services companies. My observations include MSP’s, VAR’s, Software companies, Third-party maintenance providers and other Tech-related businesses.

Along the way I’ve documented things I’ve seen make a difference and the things I’ve seen fail miserably. And now for the very first time I’ve compiled many of my personal findings and published them in a new Special Report entitled …

7.5 Proven Ways to Boost Sales … for ANY Product or Service …
in ANY Market and … in ANY Economy!”

This report is specifically aimed at helping forward-thinking Managed Services Providers and Resellers to get and retain more customers, sell more products and services and avoid brutal price-cutting. Forever!

Here’s the REAL clincher. I want you to have this Special Report as my gift to you.
That’s right you can claim your FREE copy of this report I believe will have a dramatic impact on your business.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this Complimentary Special Report:Mag-Lying-OPP-Right-WEB

  • The absolute best source of warm prospects for new sales: Getting new clients is tough work. In this chapter you’ll discover one of THE easiest ways to get customers that most people completely ignore or simply reject (Page 3)
  • How to sell mountains of ANY Service using these 3 simple steps: Selling services, especially technology services, is hard because we’re selling something intangible. You can’t touch it, hold it or see it. Once you learn this powerful transformation know-how selling services will never be the same. (Page 5)
  • Recession-proof Technology Services Sales Secret, Offer “Belts & Ties”: Who says people don’t buy things in hard times: small budgets, recessions, and downturns? Find out the “low-impact” way to help customers achieve your sales goals. (Page 9)
  • 5 Highly Effective Strategies that Undercut Competition Without Sacrificing Profits: Often selling success goes beyond the actual product or services themselves. Discover how to pinpoint where to fish for the most profitable prospects. (Page 10)
  • Learn to attract and keep profitable clients with these timeless and enduring practices: Sometimes you KNOW the right way to do things but just don’t do it. Maybe you’ve forgotten the basics, never learned them or somehow think they don’t apply! (Page 12)
  • My Humungous Marketing Disaster that will save You a small fortune: There are times when we do things right and times we do things VERY wrong. This is a firsthand example of what NOT to do in your marketing. (Page 18)
  • How to boost your sales closing percentage: The Power of Marketing Systems: When everything else is in order and sales are still lagging THIS is likely the cause. Fix this and sales will blossom. (Page 21)

What else this report gives you …

In addition to this critical target market insight, this report gives you the one thing most successful businesspeople swear by as being key to their success: access to expertise. Great leaders surround themselves with experts who make their jobs easier, and make them look good. That’s exactly what I will do for you.

My name is Mark Dresner, and I’m a B2B Copywriter and Marketing Consultant specializing in Technology: Hardware, Services, Software, etc. I write lead generation, sales scripts, reactivation campaigns and other sales communication materials for offerings by companies like Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Microsoft, Konica Minolta/All Covered … as well as VAR’s and third-party maintenance providers. And I make marketing professionals like you look very, VERY good around the office.

You can learn more about me anytime at my website www.MarkDresner.com but for now,Mag-Lying-OPP-Right-WEB
I invite you to soak up all the information I’ve prepared for you in my Special Report.

Visit www.markdresner.com/MSPreport Or Call 631-236-9632.
Or Email: mark@markdresner.com

Request your FREE copy right now. You’ll be glad you did.


Mark Dresner
B2B Copywriter and Marketing Consultant


P.S. This Special Report is written especially for MSP’s and Resellers, like you, to help boost sales and consistently achieve healthy profit margins. It’s all in my FREE report 7.5 Proven Ways to Boost Sales … for ANY Product or Service … in ANY Market and … in ANY Economy!” available for you right now at www.markdresner.com/MSPreport